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Personal Tasks
Early research on the ISS’s lighting system; early design concepts on the Transit’s interior; research and design on the Transit’s storage system; design of the team’s branding and presentation template for NASA; design, direction and fabrication of the scale model.

Team Members
Taylor Carter, Michelle Chung, Andrea Cordovez, John Doria, Thomas Fornasari, Rhea Gopal, Lee Hendrickson, Evan Huggins, Steve Kim, Kainoa Kwon-Perez, Sihui Li, Elvira Melamed, Daisy Meng, Larissa Naegele, Connor O’Hern, Eunyong Park, Lydia Sohee Park, Madeline Profio, Jacob Soloski

Michael Moris, Professor of Architecture
Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Professor of Industrial Design

Special thanks to
Tracy R. Gill, X-Hab Program Coordinator, NASA Kennedy Space Center
Mike Massimino, Former NASA Astronaut, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Robert Howard, Jr., Manager of the Habitability Design Center, NASA Johnson Space Center